Educational Escape Room

Outdoor cultural activity for students(+12), learning history and culture while exploring the city in teams.

Educational scavenger hunt

Physical activity to discover the city’s culture and history using a mobile device.

Languages available

Depending on the adventure, there is the possibility of playing in English, French…


Depending on the number of students, grade, chaperones, location, schedule, dates, etc.


Check the benefits for educational centers: 20% discount and free cancellation.

Escape Room colegios

Mobile as an educational tool

Students have fun learning city curiosities and anecdotes through technology. Riddles are hidden in the surroundings, and the app guides them through clues while competing in different teams: an outdoor escape room ideal for schools.

Each student uses their own smartphone

Capability for up to 100 users simultaneously

90 minutes and a 3 km route through the historic downtown

Technical support available for all users

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Try it for free

There are free mini-games available. Contact us if you want to try the full experience before booking. We’ll send you a booking code to play any adventure without commitment.

Street SKP works with a Mobile App: Download it here:

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