What a escape room is?

Escape Room

An escape room consists of overcoming a series of team challenges to exit a room before time runs out. They typically last an hour, and escape games vary between puzzles, riddles, codes, locks, and even adjoining rooms that test the players’ ingenuity. Only by following all the clues provided within the room will the team manage to escape.

When were Escape Rooms created?

The origin of escapism isn’t clear, but it’s believed that the first Escape Room as we know it today was created in 2006 by engineers from Silicon Valley, inspired by Agatha Christie novels. However, if we recall, the definition of an Escape Room—overcoming challenges level by level until completing the mission—bears a striking resemblance to the concept of video games that became popular since the 80s. Even earlier, we have mystery and investigation-based board games like Cluedo.

Qué es Escape Room

What types of Escape Room are there?

Escape rooms are classified by their setting and genre. There are countless horror-themed Escape Rooms, which tend to be the majority, but there are also ones centered around investigation, crime, science fiction, futuristic themes, zombie apocalypses, and even those based on novels like Harry Potter or Sherlock Holmes Escape Rooms. Some escape rooms even feature customized actors to enhance immersion, and you must rely on them to overcome the escapism challenges.

Escape Room Madrid

What is a Street Escape is?

Inspired by escapism games, it combines traditional scavenger hunts using the city as a stage instead of an escape room. The goal is for teams to overcome a set number of challenges spread across different iconic points in the city center, usually taking more than an hour and accompanied by local guides or costumed actors who provide clues to the players. The routes often revolve around the history and culture of the city, functioning like gamified free tours.

Street SKP is the first outdoor escape room application available in 16 cities in Spain. Unlike other escapism games, the experience is 100% digital, requiring only a mobile phone to play, and the presence of a guide is not necessary. Since it takes place in an open space, there’s no limit to the number of players, allowing multiple teams to compete while exploring the city streets. Click here to discover how to play!

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