Team building: outdoor escape room for companies

Outdoor games for companies. Encourage teamwork while competing and exploring the city center. Improve your corporate events!

team building

Looking for a fun activity for the company?

Adventure and mystery come together in this escape room for companies. Ten challenging tests along the city streets. A 100% digital team-building game for businesses inspired by the best Escape Rooms, offering one of the few multilingual experiences you'll find...

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Each user uses their own smartphone.

Solve the mission and the 10 hidden riddles on the street.

No player limit: +200 simultaneous participants.

75-90 minutes and 2.5km-4km route.

Real live competition in teams.

Technological activity with augmented reality.

Online support with a Game Master for each player.

Available in multiple languages.

Each user uses their own smartphone.

75-90 minutes and 2.5km-4km route.

No player limit: +200 simultaneous participants.

Real live competition in teams.

Online support with a Game Master for each player.

Available in multiple languages.

Escape Room Bilbao

Team building dynamics and corporate events

Are you looking for team building activities? Our corporate games are 100% digital, conducted in the city center, and only require a mobile phone to play. Clues will be hidden in the environment: 10 challenges, 75-90 minutes, and a 2-3km route.

An outdoor escape room for companies focused on leadership, ingenuity, and based on real-time team competition. It’s the perfect Team Building dynamic to complement teamwork activities.

Suitable for events, lunches and dinners

Promotes communication and teamwork

Help define team roles with gamification

Identify strengths and weaknesses of the group

Promotes fun and boosts creativity

Performance report available

Corporate event

It’s the perfect Team Building activity for employees to get to know each other and join forces if they want to win against their colleagues. It’s an interactive outdoor Escape Room for companies:

What each individual answers influences the final outcome. This implies a strong sense of teamwork; otherwise, incorrect answers will add time.

Fun is guaranteed, but they’ll need wit. The city will be the game board and will put them to the test. Groups will perform the same tasks in a different order than their rivals, all ending up in the same place. To become familiar with the activity, participants will complete a mini-game of 3 tasks before starting the event.

Multi-language activity

An outdoor, urban escape room for companies that stands out for being multilingual. Each participant can play simultaneously in their preferred language, as it’s available in Spanish, English, French, Basque, and Catalan (depending on the selected adventure).

Escape Room Donosti

Team building original

Groups < 24 players

Street SKP games can accommodate up to 4 teams of 6 people, but we recommend teams of 3-4 persons. It’s possible to adjust the number of players.

Groups: > 24 players

For more than 24 people, we recommend simultaneous games. We’ll create as many games and teams as necessary.

Team building option

The design of escape games allows for the development of a metrics report on each group’s interaction with the application, including KPIs (key performance indicators). The report is delivered within 48 hours after the experience and displays various data regarding the performance of each team. It analyzes aspects related to the proposed puzzles and challenges, as well as the execution speed.

At Street Escape, we can measure spatial observation, deductive skills, cultural, linguistic, spatial, and physical abilities.

Our art team will create a virtual portrait based on a photo provided by the client, including the group’s ranking and the company logo. An original way to keep a beautiful memory of the team building activity.

Customized activity

Street Escape, besides being an urban escape room, also conducts custom-specific activities tailored to meet the client’s needs/objectives upon demand. These activities can take place outdoors, at the client’s facilities, or at a designated location for the event they wish to hold. It’s the perfect opportunity to engage in a serious game and succeed.

team building

Customize with bonus questions about the company

Create a 100% personalized escape with the theme you want

Create both indoor and outdoor exhaust or both at the same time

Organizing large events with your own APP adapted to your company

Activity extras:

In-person attention

Should you require guidance on the activity, our team can physically assist from the starting point and help organize all the players.

Video and photo production

Possibility to record the experience and deliver the audiovisual material adapted for social media, websites, printing, or any other medium to remember the activity.

Customized tasks

Measure specific concepts with customizable themes; reinforce specific knowledge, and apply gamification techniques to enhance players’ skills.

Experience in the corporate sector

Try it for free

There are free mini-games availables. Contact us if you want to try the full experience before booking. We’ll send you a booking code to play any adventure without commitment.

A fun and different plan with your colleagues

Street SKP works with a Mobile App: Download it here:

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