Activity for cultural promotion

Outdoor cultural Escape Room for the touristic promotion of regions and cities


The client always decides how to configure the adventure.


We adapt the storyline to the desired needs and goals.


An app that turns a playzone into a game board.

Value proposal

Physical activity enhancing leisure options. 100% digital / eco-friendly.

escape room al aire libre

Expand your city's leisure options

An outdoor escape room is an added value that any municipality should consider as an investment to promote its history and heritage. This innovative concept combines the charm of an outdoor setting with the excitement and challenge of an escape game. By guiding participants through historical and iconic cityscapes, a unique connection with the cultural heritage and past of the place is established. Furthermore, an outdoor escape room attracts visitors and tourists, thereby promoting local tourism and generating income for the community. Ultimately, this unique experience not only preserves historical memory but also revitalizes it, turning every corner into an exciting stage to discover, enriching the identity and cultural offering of the city.

Activity suitable from 12 years old.

Virtual cultural free tour / team scavenger hunt.

It highlights the culture and history of the place.

Technical support available for all users.

Our experience:

Try it for free

There are free mini-games availables. Contact us if you want to try the full experience before booking. We’ll send you a booking code to play any adventure without commitment.

Street SKP works with a Mobile App: Download it here:

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