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A new way to experience art in an original and different way: Augmented reality and artificial intelligence applied to cultural centers.

Art comes to life

Transforms the experience of exhibition halls and museums. We offer thrilling escape games, image recognition, QR codes, and immersive audio guides to unveil hidden secrets and magically immerse your visitors in the history of each masterpiece.

Customizable app available

A custom app with various functionalities, respecting the corporate image and design outlined.

We customize a wide range of options tailored to desired preferences and requirements.

ia para museos


Provides additional information about a painting, sculpture, or artwork, customizing the content of information: historical details, technical data, interpretations, etc.

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By employing artificial intelligence tools, visitors can encounter historical figures that come to life, offering information about the depicted artworks. We bring the characters or represented elements to life by animating them within real space. It's possible to engage in a dialogue between the viewer and the artwork, simulating and visually altering the features of the portrayed character or creating motion effects in a landscape, such as the movement of waves in a painted sea.


Visitors will be able to interact with the paintings or sculptures, discover hidden clues, or solve puzzles to progress in the game. Creating an exciting and participative experience that fosters interest among a younger audience. Players will have the opportunity to learn about artworks, artists, and artistic styles while enjoying the experience. By applying gamification concepts, we enhance learning and entertainment in cultural centers.

ia para museos

Art does not reproduce what we see; rather, it makes us see. (Paul Klee)

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