Escape room Madrid outdoors, Urban Escape Game

Escape room through the streets of Madrid. A challenging treasure hunt! 100% digital. Original downtown activity

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The best escape room: an urban adventure

Legends and mystery come together in 10 challenging tasks through the streets. A 100% digital plan inspired by the best Escape Rooms and a multi-language experience... Search for hidden clues in the surroundings to accomplish the mission.

An adventure based on the city's history

Players use their own smartphone

REAL-TIME competition in teams

Game Master available for all users

Available adventures:

Escape Room Madrid

The second of May

Madrid is in the midst of a revolution, can you complete the route and solve all the tests before the French destroy the city?
  • 90 mins
  • 3,7 km
  • ES
Free Tour Madrid

Discover Madrid

The best outdoor Escape Room to get to know Madrid! Find the most famous people of the capital with an ingenious tour of its main monuments.
  • 90 mins
  • 4 km
  • ES
22_Madrid Esquilache

The Esquilache riot

Help the Madrid population to carry out the most famous mutiny in history and achieve the resignation of the most controversial minister of Carlos III, the best Mayor of Madrid
  • 90 mins
  • 3,5 km
  • ES, EN
Escape Room Madrid

Don Juan’s assassin

On a summer night in 1622, in Madrid, as he was heading to his palace, he was surprised by his assassin who dealt a fatal blow. It still remains unresolved. Do you want to try?
  • 75 min
  • 2,5 km
  • ES, EN, FR

How does this digital treasure hunt work?

Play Video about Escape Room Santander

An Escape Room for large groups, couples, families, friends... The best plan, have fun and solve the mission!

How to book?

  • Select a city and an adventure.
  • Choose your desired day and time.
  • Add the number of players. (mobile users)
  • Select the number of teams.
  • Complete the payment.

We’ll send an email with your booking code (check spam) + Instructions to start the game.

*Grant all permissions to the app to run correctly.

📍 Go to the starting location. *You must be close to the area to be able to “START”.

1st Minigame: 3 easy challenges (to learn the dynamics). 2nd Adventure: 10 challenging tasks.

Press play and everything will be guided. Enjoy!

Game modes



You’ll all play together as a team.

modo combate



Teams compete against each other by completing the same tasks in a different order, ending up in the same place.


We adapt the game at no extra cost.

What to do today in central Madrid 👉 An outdoor Escape Room

Solve the 10 puzzles hidden in the streets and explore the center of Madrid in an exciting and fun way to get to know the city.

If you’re looking for something to do today in Madrid, we suggest a scavenger hunt: one of the best escape rooms in Madrid. Street Escape offers an outdoor escape game throughout the streets of Madrid where you’ll uncover its most astounding secrets and explore its most emblematic places.

The real Escape City Madrid. 🎮 All you need is your mobile phone 📱 to play, competing in real-time with friends and family in teams. Are you up for the challenge?

Family Escape Room in Madrid

escape room familiar

Ideal for every member of the family with our children’s escape room in Madrid, offering stimulating and educational challenges. Kids learn about Bilbao’s culture and curiosities while playing and having fun solving the puzzles presented to them.

It’s not only an outdoor family game but also a children’s escape game in Madrid, perfect for testing yourselves while the little ones have fun. It’s designed for different difficulty levels, suitable for teenagers as well, allowing them to compete through the streets of Madrid while enjoying time with friends.

By solving challenges together, family members can improve their communication, cooperation, and problem-solving skills. It helps foster bonds and build unforgettable memories.

The safety of our participants is our priority. We continuously monitor the game remotely to ensure that our outdoor games are safe and suitable for all ages.

Most popular adventures:

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