Escape room Bilbao outdoors, urban escape game

Street Escape Room in Bilbao: A challenging treasure hunt! 100% digital. Solve the mystery and compete in real-time teams. Have fun!

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The best escape room: an urban adventure

Legends and mystery come together in 10 challenging tasks through the streets. A 100% digital plan inspired by the best Escape Rooms and a multi-language experience... Search for hidden clues in the surroundings to accomplish the mission.

An adventure based on the city's history

Players use their own smartphone

REAL-TIME competition in teams

Game Master available for all users

Available adventures:

The marchioness

María Mestayer, a Bilbao citizen popularly known as the Marchioness of Parabere, decided to start her own restaurant alone in 1936 in Madrid… Her story deserves to be told!
  • 75 min (aprox)
  • 2,4 km (aprox)
  • ES, EN
Team Building Bilbao

Entrepreneurship stories

The industrial and entrepreneurial history of Bilbao told through an outdoor Escape Room… Get to know Abando’s most important brands!
  • 75 min
  • 2,6 km
  • ES, EN
Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is challenged to solve the mystery of the theft of the Tear of San Lorenzo in Bilbao. Follow the clues provided by witnesses and suspects to recover the jewel.
  • 75 min
  • 3 km
  • ES, EN
Escape Room Bilbao

Discover Bilbao

The best escape room in Bilbao to see the main monuments! A different way of sightseeing and getting to know the city by overcoming different challenges about its history and culture.
  • 90 min
  • 3 km
  • ES, EN
Escape Room Bilbao

Bilbao 1835

Year 1835, Casilda Iturrizar is kidnapped, and General Zumalacárregui locates the town with his army, the mission is to save it among all the chaos in the Casco Viejo area…
  • 75 mins
  • 2,6 km
  • ES, EN, FR, EU

How does this digital treasure hunt work?

Play Video about Escape Room Santander

An Escape Room for large groups, couples, families, friends... The best plan, have fun and solve the mission!

How to book?

  • Select a city and an adventure.
  • Choose your desired day and time.
  • Add the number of players. (mobile users)
  • Select the number of teams.
  • Complete the payment.

We’ll send an email with your booking code (check spam) + Instructions to start the game.

*Grant all permissions to the app to run correctly.

📍 Go to the starting location. *You must be close to the area to be able to “START”.

1st Minigame: 3 easy challenges (to learn the dynamics). 2nd Adventure: 10 challenging tasks.

Press play and everything will be guided. Enjoy!

Game modes



You’ll all play together as a team.

modo combate



Teams compete against each other by completing the same tasks in a different order, ending up in the same place.


We adapt the game at no extra cost.

What to do today in central Bilbao 👉 An escape game

Solve the 10 riddles hidden in the streets in this Escape Room in Bilbao: An urban treasure hunt, discovering places of tourist interest with augmented reality!

If you’re looking for something to do today in Bilbao, we propose a 100% thrilling treasure hunt, with a mission to solve where you’ll only need your mobile phone and ingenuity to play and put yourselves to the test. Rated as one of the best escape rooms in Bilbao.

Right in the city center, you’ll experience a highly enjoyable challenging adventure, where answers are hidden within the surroundings. Discover Bilbao’s most impactful secrets by following clues and overcoming challenges.

Family Escape Room in Bilbao

escape room familiar

Ideal for every member of the family with our children’s escape room in Bilbao, offering stimulating and educational challenges. Kids learn about Bilbao’s culture and curiosities while playing and having fun solving the puzzles presented to them.

It’s not only an outdoor family game but also a children’s escape game in Bilbao, perfect for testing yourselves while the little ones have fun. It’s designed for different difficulty levels, suitable for teenagers as well, allowing them to compete through the streets of Bilbao while enjoying time with friends.

By solving challenges together, family members can improve their communication, cooperation, and problem-solving skills. It helps foster bonds and build unforgettable memories.

The safety of our participants is our priority. We continuously monitor the game remotely to ensure that our outdoor games are safe and suitable for all ages.

Ofrecemos una variedad de horarios y lugares para que puedas elegir la fecha y hora que más te convenga. Además, somos muy flexibles, por lo que nos ajustamos en caso de que tengáis que cambiar de fecha. Sin problema.

En definitiva, elegir un escape room al aire libre en familia con Street Escape es una excelente opción para aquellos que buscan una actividad original y divertida en el centro de Bilbao. ¡Reserva ahora y prepárate para una aventura inolvidable!

Most popular adventures:

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